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With Saw in Thailand

With Saw. I met her in Lethbridge, Alberta, or L.A. as the locals are fond of calling it.  But it ain't no Los Angeles, unless Los Angeles has the violent winds, the flatness, and so dry to cause nosebleeds.

Now we're in Thailand. I accidentally left my bankcard in the ATM in Bangkok when I first arrived, so we've been living off of her funds for about a week.  And she does not engage in luxury.  For example, we've been eating instant noodles, porridge, peanuts, and fruit she has found on the ground.  Last night I dreamt of catching and killing a fish, so that we could eat it.  The protein would be welcome.  We bought a kettle from Tesco in which you can cook noodles, hard boiled eggs, and boil water, of course.  We get cans of condensed milk, because apparently they don't need refrigeration.  We were going to buy eggs last night, but then we had a big fight.  Food gives us the energy to fight with eachother.

No bank card.  No credit card.  I got money in the bank, but the trick is getting it here.  I'll have my bank card mailed here, but I do not anticipate it's arrival.  I tried wiring myself money through Western Union, or the local bank, to no effect.  So I'll have to get my Ma to mail me the cash, after I've wired her the money.

Coming to Thailand, I thought I could continue with my luxurious lifestyle.  The instant noodles, for example, cost like 20 cents.  Maybe less.  Thai noodle soup, my favourite, costs like a dollar ten.  Still, I'm broke.  It's so, so sad.  We rented a scooter, and that was fun.  The scooter costs like 5 dollars per day.  So I'm waiting for money, but when (if) I get the money, I'll still have to budget, hard.

Anyway, here I am, broke as hell.  In one of the cheapest places on earth, broke as hell.  And with Saw paying our expenses.  So humiliating.  So tomorrow I'll sharpen a stick, grab the old leaky goggles someone has left behind, and harpoon some fish.  Cut it up, and boil it in the kettle.  O.k.


Anonymous said...

Go dumpster diving! Find an affluent area, find the affluent grocer, find the dumpster.

I fashioned a harpoon once and tried spearing a carp. It was during their mating season and the fish were in the hundreds, flopping(fucking) on the banks of the pond. Fish are slippery bastards.

John Dantzer said...

No affluent neighborhoods in Thailand. All the dumpsters have been scouted.