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There is so Much to do

Have a nap.  I can't wait!  There is so much to do.  I can do so many things.  Watch, I can juggle.  I can juggle lit candles, lit trick candles that go out and come back on again.  I can yoyo, walk the dog, twirl the bird, around the world, the sleeper, the Fu Man Choo, the Driving Miss Daisy.  Even sleeping, even napping, in my dreams there is still a lot to do.  Like, I have to water my plants and paint the porch, mow the lawn and feed the fish. 

Trust me, life has been better for me since I moved to the suburbs.  Life has been better since I changed my name to Joshua.  Now I can finally tell people that I am the Messiah!!!! There is also that to do.  It is a multi-step process: 1. Make a sign which reads: I am the Messiah!!! 2. Get my megaphone.  3.  Take to the streets: Let people know.

Wash my hair.  Take a bath.  Iron my PJ's.  Polish and shine my shoes.  Sharpen all of my pencils.  OMG, there is so much to do!  And I only have like a few hours to do it all in. Before I... and ... There is so much to do.

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