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The Waves

I’m going to San Diego because there is the ocean where temperatures allow swimming. I’ve been there before, as a child, and remember the waves there being the best of all the West Coast. I remember boogie boarding and catching one especially large wave, which carried me over a bikini clad woman laying on her towel listening to her portable stereo.

It feels as though in my life I am being tossed around by waves, which roll me into the sand in the hopes of turning me into sand also. That would be fine If I had an exoskeleton, since that is like burial for them. Without one, it is just a headache.

To better understand the tumultuous nature of my life, I’ll take to the seas and have myself rolled about. That way, both physically and mentally my condition will be the same. I speak of being crushed by waves and getting water up my nose, and getting scratched by the sand as a bad thing, but once harmony with the waves is achieved, getting rolled is anticipated with excitement. It usually happens when you are trying to catch a wave. You see one that looks good, and then better, but you have misjudged, and you try running, or swimming, as it were, but the pull is sucking you into the terror that is the wave which only seconds ago seemed like a nice quiet ride. The wave sucks you up and there is nothing you can do. Fighting is foolish. Learn to get tossed around. The salt at first will sting your eyes, but once they are used to it open them and look up. The water, she is powerful.

The same can be said for my spiritual or mental state of affairs, unfortunately, the roiling seems to be constant, and apparently I am a fiend for it. An occasionally routing can be fun, but years in the surf without respite will succeed in turning me into sand. 

I can’t think of a solution to my predicament, so hopefully pairing my physical condition with my mental one will help.


sybil law said...

Have a fabulous trip!!! I am jealous.

Asylum Dolly said...

Ahhh, sounds nice. It's fucking cold and sleety and grey and miserable over here, and i am OVER IT.
Have you read The Waves by Virginia Woolf? i have, and to be honest, it bored the living fuck out of me. I like your "The Waves" much better.
I am certainly not on a sandy beach eating mangoes and having sex (i don't like mangoes!), OR listening to whale music, but with any luck you might be soon..? :)

Have a lovely time anyhoo! I hope it brings physical and mental refreshment my friend. x

John Dantzer said...

Sybil - Thanks! I'll try to.

Bon - I have never read the waves, but it sounds horribly boring and makes me feel like vomiting. I overheard other Australians saying they don't like mangoes, which makes sense, since they get to eat them all the time. I LOVE mangoes! I can't believe they make you pay for them there since they are falling off the trees. Oh well. Thanks for the well wishes!

Asylum Dolly said...

You would've loved this place i lived at once when i was younger- we had a mango tree in our back yard, and in summer the smell of mangoes EVERYWHERE made me feel sick.
Yeah, there is always an auction for the "first mangoes of the season" here.People pay like, thousands of dollars for a single little crate of the bastards. I do NOT get it. Maybe the money goes to charity.

Hey, no worries, have fun!

JMH said...

As expected, I love mangoes. My people cook cabbage and root vegetables -- not so sweet. We're Polacks.

It seems a rare pleasure to pair mental and physical landscapes, synchronicity if you like.

Last time I was at the ocean I remember being dashed to the beach constantly, though not unpleasurably. We Midwesterners don't really understand the power. Lake Michigan will drown you, but the ocean, hey, fuck it.

John Dantzer said...

Bon - I love mango smell! Mangoes underfoot, not so much.

JMH - Yams are good, but I wouldn't want a yam smoothie or wash my hair with it. Smatchnego!

Lake michigan sounds a bit scary.