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In the Sportsing Store

Can we go buy things at the store? 

Sure, son.  What would you like? 

A new pair of roller blades. 

Sure.  Anything you like.  Do you have your credit card? 

I don't own a credit card.

Then how do you expect to buy roller blades. 

I thought maybe you could buy them for me. 

I don't do things like that. 


I buy you enough food, I don't believe I should also have to buy you roller blades. 


You heard me, buy your own roller blades. 

But I don't have any money. 

Well that's too bad for you then isn't it? 

Well, I guess so.

The kid cracks his knuckles. 

Wait here, Dad, I have a plan. 

He goes to the roller blade section and tries on a pair.  They fit perfectly and he goes roller blading around the store.  He stops at his dad and smiles.  His dad stares in a frozen smile. 


He grabs his dad's hand now wooden with rigor mortis.  He starts crying. 

Why!?  Why!?  He screams. 

Son?  His dad says.  The kid stops crying and looks around.  He sees his dad standing in the aisle. 



I thought you were dead. 

No, I'm fine. 

The kid wipes the tears from his face. He needs glasses and a healthy dose of reality. 

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