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The Desert

I'd like to go somewhere dark, because darkness creates atmosphere. Mornings, with their birds chirping and mist and Irishness are also appealing, but who wants to get up early? Noon-time, with it's brightness causes anxiety. The light from this time is enough to spilt a tooth on. Once again nature shows us the answers, as do mexicans. Noon is the time for sleeping. I like my skies dark. The stars being washed out by city lights, or the stars not existing at all. So many stars, so much confusion. If it was only the big blue one looking down at me, and occasionally the friendly smile of the moon, then that would be fine, but how am I supposed to predict the future with all the fiery Gods and Goddesses swirling around up there? I'm no physicist. Someone get my moon rock!

Dark skies aren't enough to placate me, though. I also need hills. Mysterious dry, dark hills begotten from the desert. Snakes know what's going on! They have the answers! What's better than letting the blood warm in the heat of the sun? Not much... There are caverns in the hills! And in those are passageways. Who knows where they lead, but, friends, it's a better place than here. Talking skeletons, for instance. That's new! That's fresh! And talking critters of all kinds asking you for stuff.

So, I'll wait till it's dark, then head to the desert. If only my shoes were instead rocket flyers.

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