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Plugged Ear

In the ocean, swimming, at dusk, I swim with my eyes open, and imagine a shark coming to get me.  Now that I've visited the aquarium, I'm confident that all the sharks are rather harmless, bottom feeders, not great white sharks, and am relieved.

Also, swimming everyday, my left ear is plugged.  My ear had been plugged before.  You know it affects the entire left side of your body.  Just the ear...  My ears bled when I was too young to speak.  I've had troubles with my ears all my life.  And here I am again...  I roll up durable paper, moisten it, and put that in my ear, but to no effect.  If anything, this only the packs the wax tighter.

And there are so many strange critters here.  I just want to do some typing, so I have to apply Tiger Balm to my legs so that the mosquitoes don't eat me alive.

Before empiricism, in medicine, there were the four humours: Black Bile, Yellow Bile, Phlegm, and Blood.  And it was an imbalance in the humours that caused sickness.  And smoking tobacco is a drying agent.  It dries the humours, so that if you suffer from runny nose, or explosive diarrhea, then maybe you should take up smoking, lol.  But guess what, I am doing the smoking, and my ear is still plugged.  It's from all that ocean water.  O God.  So I do ear candling, and that helps for naught.  The positives are that if I sleep on my right side, with my plugged ear exposed to sounds, well then I can sleep extra well because all I can hear is the blood rushing in there, and my own fucked up thoughts.

Last night, for example, I have hung my shirt to dry in the room.  Having the shape of a human, for some reason I think the shirt is a human who has entered through the window.  Seeing it, I shout at the shirt to leave, but it's just a shirt, and can't leave.  Then I think the shirt has invited in some of her pets, so I shout all the harder.  "Speakey Engrish!!!"  I shout, but the shirt doesn't understand.  It's just a shirt.  And her pets are just plastic bags.  Still.


gone said...

The fucked up ear has channeled your madness. If shirts weren't meant to be yelled at in broken engrish, why would people bathe their genitals in salt water?

John Dantzer said...

You might even say I was... gone...