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Technological Objectification

The advancement of technology is exponential.  Soon we’ll reach a point where our consciousnesses will integrate themselves with the capacity and technology of computers.  The result will be a human/computer hybrid called a cyborg.

Human DNA has not evolved exponentially.  It’s evolved through survival of the fittest through the millennia.  Our genes are catering to a time past when technology consisted mainly of opposable thumbs, for example.
The new race, or species of “human”; with their advanced acquisition and retention of knowledge; with their developed communication methods; and with their extended life spans, will look at unmodified humans like the vestiges of ancient civilization that they are.  Like how we look at chimpanzees. 

The new hybridization technology may be incorporated slowly, and with government control, and debate.  Or, given the nature of exponentiality, the technology will come all at once, the benefits of it being clear, and desperately desired. 

No longer will a human’s memory, knowledge and thought processes be based on inefficient biological processes, but rather on chemically mechanized processes, with the aim of maximum efficiency. 

Observing the signs of the end of a more “human” way of life, a sub-culture living in this society will draw attention to this society’s condition.  By doing so, they will cause people to question the merits of an exponential technology.  They will try looking at technology objectively with the hypothesis that too much technology is ridiculous. 

Humans have evolved from Chimpanzees because of their technology; either with the opposable thumb, or with bipedality. The sub-culture of demonstrative humans will take all aspects of technology out of which they grew, and take also the technology existing, and of the near future, and manipulate it with the aim of “technological objectification.”

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sybil law said...

All I know is, I hope I get a bionic arm, at least.