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Made up of Layers

Now that I'm learning design, I'm looking at things a whole new way. Chocolate bars, for instance are made up of layers to enhance performance. The chocolate layer, the nougat layer, the crumpled peanut layer and the cookie layer. I wouldn't build a house out of one, because they're designed with eating in mind, and would quickly melt away. All that sweetness into the earth. Lasagna is made up of layers, and so is pizza. So are toaster strudels and Oreo cookies. Microwave dinners are compartmentalized and so is thanksgiving dinner. There they give you the building blocks in their purity to mix in the mouth or in the bloodstream to construct proteins. My meals are made in a slow cooker and all the ingredients are tossed in making the decisions of what to mix with what void. They'll all be mixed together by God. Its kind of soothing, but sometimes I need a change.

I need to go to another city and sniff the walls there. I need to lick those streets. I need to become a detective somehow and solve some crimes. Eat some real pizza. Don't give me a chicken wrapped in tortilla bread and call it chicken pot pie, Ill throw it in your face.

If only I had things my way. If only I had a house on top of a hill near a forest and there was no such thing as anything that I didn't like and what I needed or wanted was where it was in reach.

I have to go now because it's dinner time and the Mrs. just cooked something about our neighbours and she is standing behind me with a ladle and she's hitting it on her hand and she smells like onions and medicine. We've bought edible cups.

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