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Subway Bread Smell

There is so much clicking sounds, and it smells like subway bread steam.  I work above the Subway there, not the "Underground", or the "Metro" but the resto. And everyday I come home smelling like Subway, and everyday my wife asks, "Have you been eating Subway again?" 

And every goddamn day I reply, "Yes I have been eating Subway do you have a problem with that?" 
And she says, "You smell so much like Subway it's rather nauseating.  There is a Subway on my walk to work and I have since had to take a 2km walking detour just to avoid the smell.  Does that make you happy?  To see what your condition is doing on my mental health?" 

And I reply, "It's not a condition, honey, it's food.  It's eating.  We have to eat, right?" And I mime eating a Subway sandwhich, and pat my stomach at it's imaginary completion, and say, "Mmmm-mmmm!!!"  She rolls her eyes, walks to the bathroom and barfs. 

Some people have it worse.  Some people cover up their armpit smells with deodorant all their lives, and they fall in love, and after one year of marriage, they smell eachother's true armpit smells and a deep resentment sets in.  It's what we all have to deal with I guess if we want to get along in this worl.

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