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We Are Here Forever

It is the full moon and it's peaking as I type this.  Meanwhile, on the other side of the whorl, the sun is burning up in Sagitarius.  Have you ever wondered why the sun just doesn't explode?  I haven't either.  So, if you are getting the urge to dance aroun just do it man.  You can dance all aroun and shout a bit if you want to.

And there is also the fine weather we're having.  Let me tell you about it: A Chinook Arch.  OK.  I can see it now.  It's caused by winds coming from the Pacific and getting warmed as they traverse the mountains.  If I were a wind I would also warm going over the mountains.  So would you.  It's empirical and scientific.  You wouldn't have a choice, unless different laws applied.  But they don't.  So you would just have to deal with it buddy.  OK. 

I had so much fun last night.  If by fun your notions are just a bit insane.  Well.  Well what?  Just well.  OK.  So, maybe my notions of fun are not "moral".  Sorry.  I didn't mean to write that.  "Just push the backspace button."  Oh.  OK.  Maybe I will....Not!  I can write whatever I want to. 

There is still time.  There is all the time in the worl.  There is nothing but time.  We are here forever.  If you want to know anything from me it's: we are here forever.  So if you don't like that man sitting next to you, deal with it buddy, he is also here forever.  AHA!

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