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Space News #1

They want to have a colony on Mars.  They are offering one way trips (if they can get the funding).  You have to apply, of course, and the application process is already over.  Going to Mars would be like going to the Americas when they were offering homesteading applications, except the Americas have rivers, oceans, forests and wildlife, and any other thing you might find on any other continent, and the only thing you got to do is take a long boat trip.  It would be hard, it's a long journey, but it's not getting into a spaceship and maybe perchance landing on a red hot poisonous planet where you can't breathe the air, and there is no water, or any life at all.

Space News #2

It has been recently suggested that massive exoplanets, or Super Earths might have both water and continents.  It's important for there to be both so that there is temperature variation.  If we could some how have a colony on this very massive planet, and if there was an ample food supply, and what all else you need for livery, through the generations, the generations of people living there would get bigger and bigger, because of the extra gravity.  They would be huge!  Giants!  Real life giants!  And if we could get them there, we could get them back, and put them in cages and parade them through the streets and throw tomatoes or bananas at them.  Shout at them, you know, Humanity! 

Giants in Myth and in Reality

Where do our thoughts of giants and monsters originate as a real live threat?  Maybe from childhood: All adults are giants if they are tall enough. And monsters could be our imagination making spiders huge and exchanging parts with other things we've seen.  It could be... or, it could be that everything and anything that could possibly happen in time and space has already happened, and giants and monsters are just the accepted notions of what has already been and will be.   

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