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Invisibility Mask/Hood

Sometimes I feel like I'm in a bootlegged New Version of Zelda for the original Nintendo.  The original version was the best version.  It was so great and sold so many copies and so many people know about the game that to cash in on all the success, the "ninja" programmers came out with different versions of the same game.  They were often in a hurry to do so, and they were working with limited budgets, and limited equipment, but pretty good programming skills.  So the results were new takes on a classic story, with glitches.  Just like my life! 

For example, you know when Link has to push a certain boulder, or a certain bush to open up a secret passageway that manifests itself from the ground?  And you can see the stairs going down?  And inside you have a very ominous meeting with a man or woman in darkness.  Darkness save for the eternal flames alight there flanking those mysterious personages.  And what do they say to you?  They say, "Fortune for a quarter?  I love quarters."  Or, "Answer me these riddles three, and you will get a big surprise."   Sometimes you do get a big surprise, like a bunch of rupees, with which you can buy objects that increase your powers. 

In the game I'm playing, there is a very expensive mask/hood that allows you to disappear.  And when you put it on in the dark room, you become glowing purple with white specs. But since the game was made by these probably very high Japanese programmers in very cramped and smoky living quarters with dim lighting, despite their excellent programming skills, they are only human,  glitches ensue.  So that when I run around in the game, trying to beat bosses and collect items, instead of being invisible, I am actually flashing in and out of invisibility.  With each flash out of invisibility, there is a localized white flash, so that the result is, instead of being partly invisible, I am actually highly visible.  Indeed, the creatures in the game are more drawn to me than they would be otherwise. 

So take the mask/hood off?  I can't!  It's another glitch.  And it's suffocating me.   My heart meter goes down from lack of oxygen.  I have to collect hearts even if I am not attacked by any critter.  In that respect the game becomes more like Minecraft, where the player is threatened with death by starvation.  I don't have to eat or drink a thing, unless it's a magic blue or red potion, or a magic chicken leg, or magic candy, or something magic whatever it may be. 

The only positive is that in addition to the critters who want to kill me out of their own desires to sate their drive for violence, there are also friendly critters who happen to like bright white flashes, and they are cute and follow me everywhere.  No one has to eat, and they have special powers of their own, which will help me on my journey.  I shouldn't take it too seriously though, right?  It's just a game after all.

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