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Smoking and Reality

Question:  Does smoking make me bad? 

Thought: If I fantasize about something, does the act of thinking about it make it less likely to happen in actuality?  

That’s a good question, friend.  If we look at dreams, and Freud’s interpretation of them, then I would argue that fantasizing about something is a wish fulfillment, and therefore is less likely to happen.  That’s why most special moments are surprises, because even if you were thinking about them subconsciously, your fantasies could not even grasp their subtlety  or magnitude.  

So, if I really want something to happen, and it doesn’t happen, the thoughts alone are enough gratification for me to continue with my life?  It helps me with reality.  If I catch myself thinking about something, and the thoughts are pleasurable, then it’s pretty certain those good thoughts of mine won’t manifest themselves into reality.  

And they shouldn’t.  If I can get pleasure from a thought, then that thought's reality would be inferior to the thought.  

Since we have evolved ourselves into beings highly tuned towards pleasure, every unexpected surprise should be greeted with warmth.  

My thoughts tend to gravitate towards my ego when I smoke.  The nicotine massages my ego.  I get high thoughts of myself at these times.

That’s nicotine's true killer: Egotism. (Or maybe it's egoism.  I don't care.)

Answer: Smoking makes you bad, but only because the chemicals in it unlock facets of your mind, which you would be better off not knowing.

Answer: Smoking will not make your dreams come true. 


Anonymous said...

I miss smoking cigarettes. Like a torrid love affair. The way my lungs suffocated with the deep inhalation of carbon monoxide. That tight pleasure of death's precursory grip. Just the feeling of the velvety soft smoke going in and out. In and out.

I'm always pleasantly surprised when my fantasies become realities that can deliver a strong dose of serotonin. It's not often. Though if I fantasize about the right things, such as cooking for people(I fantasize about that a lot), the pleasure is ten fold in fruition compared to the fantasy. Better yet when that includes drinking wine, rolling up a j, and playing board games or musical instruments. It's the simple fantasies/realities.

If I fantasize about sexual courtship with people I know then that is best left to be lived out in times of masturbation. That is a whole other topic of conversation. I enjoy talking about it in relation to animal needs and the myth of sexual monogamy compared to the reality of social monogamy. Oy. I'll leave it at that.

You should consider a spoken post whilst smoking a cigarette so that I can live vicariously. A request.

John Dantzer said...

Nothing ever goes to plan, and when it does, it doesn't go as you expected. That is the pleasure of reality.

I'd do a smoke n' talk post, but I'm not allowed to smoke inside.

Anonymous said...

I have come back to this just as I finish rolling a cigarette. The monkey knows.

John Dantzer said...

Do you have a magic smoking monkey? It's stephen king, one of his books, right? I know it. Or maybe I'm remembering something else. I'll look it up after.

Anonymous said...

The monkey on my back. Maybe they don't say that in your neck of the woods.

John Dantzer said...

The monkey tells you to do things?

Stephen King's monkey crashed a symbol, and people died because of it.