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Positrons and Electrons

At work there is a man I know who's name is Emu, who is in the negatives.  No, he's not in debt, or has had too much to drink, rather, the negatives in thought.  Ho hum, ho didly hum.  I'll wander around picking my bum and boy, doesn't this suck.  Doesn't work suck.   My wife sucks, my garden sucks, my life sucks, I have a sucky car and not even the badger's can make me smile.  Yes, friends, he is in the negatives, a state of mind.

Then there is another one, who's name is Ralph, who happens to be in the positives.  Again, this is not in concern to money, or food, but a state of mind.  The birds are singing, the grass is growing.  Joy!  Joy!  I'll smile all day long and tippity tap my feet and maybe do a jig somewheres and ride in the chunnel or what have you.  Mercy mercy me.  

There is a section in the bookstores  on self help, on how to be happy.  The utilitarian's guiding principle is happiness.  But is positive equatable with happiness?  I think not.

Just as there are two people at work who encompass their minds, either positive or negative, so also there are particles with similar properties.  Are positrons better than electrons? No.  And if you think, well, the best path, then, is the neutral path, neither positive nor negative, but that is also wrong because there are also neutrons.  Matter as we know it could not exist without the electrons or the positrons or the neutrons.  The same can be said for my friends Emu and Ralph.  What if there were only Ralphs?  If that were possible, which it isn't, and if we found out about it, there would be more than one throat slit.  The same can be said for only Emus. 

So, if you think you're doing us a favour by acting positive or negative when you shouldn't be, please stop.  It will create an imbalance.  Emu and Ralph and myself need each other.  When there is a balance, there is happiness.


Anonymous said...

Lovely post John, but you didnt say which one you are!!!

BTW - I was wondering were you got to...Now i can save you to my bloglist :)

Hope all is well.


JMH said...

I like the positives mostly, but sometimes I'd like to see them crawling, bloody and beaten. I don't know what that makes me, and I don't want to know. One can't judge value on outlook alone. That's science, balance.

(the ability to form a reasoned argument eludes me)

John Dantzer said...

C: I thought it was implicit.

JMH: True. We can't be one thing all the time.