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In Malaysia: No WIFI

No wifi, or wiphee, or wifee, however you say it there is none of it in my hotel.  No toilet paper either, but that's not something you want to hear about.  And we have to use a bag of squirming squeaking rats for pillows, I don't know why.  Just so the management can sit behind their desk and laugh all night and into the morning, I guess.

No wiphee, our only entertainment is going to the beach.  Went to the beach, swam in the water, got bites all over.  Itchy as fuck.  We had wiphee at the hostel, but those sheets had fleas, or so we said.

No whiphee, watching pirated dvds.  I watched Contagion last night, and liked it a lot.  It had an all-star cast.  I also love Steven Soderbergh.  I dreamt of him once, and decided to watch all of his movies.  One is called Sex, Lies and Videotape.  I'm glad I wasn't an adolescent in the 80's because then I think I would be way more ashamed of my life than I am now.  If you were 12 in 1980, that means you are 45 right now.  If I meet any 45 year olds I will have extra sympathy for them.

Soderbergh also directed the Ocean 11 series, and I liked them too.  Another all star cast.  Matt Damon. But he also directed one about Che Guevera which followed a non-linear time line, which at the time I had no patience for.  

So I have to use the internet in the mall, and they use pcs, and the space bar jams.  First world problems ya'll!!!  Even though I think I'm technically in the third world, which might make my problems second world, if you average them out.

Well, my hour is up. Hopefully you are well, raising glasses, smashing glasses, stepping on them....


jon said...

Awesome. Another Ask Jorg soon?

John Dantzer said...

Ok! Did you get three questions?

jon said...

I'll collect them tonight.

John Dantzer said...

Hopefully there are more about Turk. I have a lot to say about them.