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Hot Feet

My feet get hot at night.  At first they're cold, in bed, so I read, and with reading comes hot feet.  If you have cold feet, you might walk out on your wedding day.  I have hot feet, so, I must be dying to get married.

Brides dress like bridesmaids to trick the evil spirits into seducing the real bride, by offering the spirits the bridesmaids.  That's why, if you are going to get married, make sure your bridesmaids all look and act similar to you.

The coyotes howl at night.  They also got hot feet.  The heat in their feet moves up their legs into their abdomens, into their voice boxes, into their eyes, into their brains.  Everything is hot!  Everything is on fire!  The moon casts fire.  The coyotes howl , and everything they see, everything they touch catches fire.

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