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Love Sniffing

There I am in the sun, my reflection in the screen.

It smells like muskeg.

I'm getting old. The lines under my eyes now connect with the vertical lines between my eyebrows. And my mouth is down turned and I'm constantly sneering.

I will go to the mountains, and lie down there in some meadow, have the ticks crawl into my crotch, and sleep well for many moons. Meadow flowers are edible. They also smell quite nice, so when I'm not eating them, I'll be smelling them. I've got huge nostrils. I love sniffing.


sybil law said...

I was just looking at the furrow between my brows. I make this face- when I'm concentrating, confused, or angry - and it's made a furrow in between my eyebrows.
Sexy, huh? Haha

John Dantzer said...

All those furrows, lines of sexy.

JMH said...

Nice self-portrait. I suppose it's insane. I don't care much for distinguishing sanity from insanity anymore. What a waste of time.

John Dantzer said...

Totally. BTW mustard sauce mayonnaise.

JMH said...

I've got this chicken that I'm cooking. I'm definitely going to make a mustard sauce mayonnaise and throw globs of it on top. Wait, do I mean mayonnaise mustard sauce?

No...that would be cheating. I'll have to get out the eggs and the oil and the churn. The mustard sauce component will be the easiest part. Mustard + sauce. Mix. Add to mayonnaise base. Churn. Keep churning.

John Dantzer said...

churn baby churn (do not churn babies. Unless you are making baby mustard sauce mayonnaise. A delicacy in Mongolia.)