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Hair Commercial

I sleep in the basement, and since the weather is getting warmer, the house is dethawing and making sounds.  Cracking sounds.  I imagine it as robbers who are inside and walking around upstairs helping themselves to groceries, making delicious meals.

Yes.  Yes.  There is a girl who will be in a hair commercial in here.  Haha.  I don't work, but I'm looking for a job, so that's something.  The cafe workers look at me and wish they could also not work.  Haha.

I should leave, though.  I have a job interview soon, and should change my shoes, and also my undies.  I keep telling myself that no one can see my undies, unless the backs are sticking out (as though I've just been given a wedgie).  It's all about how I feel, and batman undies make me feel like I can fly. 

When I leave, I'll run around flinging about my freshly shampooed and conditioned hair, whilst wearing a big smile.


sybil law said...

Best of luck with the interview!
Batman undies are always good. :)

Unknown said...

job hunting sucks. got tips?

hope it went well. maybe showing your undies will get you the job? guess it depends on where you are interviewing.