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Camping For A Bit

The best and simplest idea is to go camping for three months in the mountains.  Just lie low a bit.  So I go hiking everyday.  There are 15 hikes to go on, which means I will do each hike 6 times before I am through.  It will get cold toward the end of August.  Let’s not even mention the end of September.  There will be snow.  And there are also bears, and they stroll wherever they want and eat whatever is handy.  That includes humans if they are feeling up to it.

Just lie low for awhile.  Wait for the summer to end and the low season to start.  Move to Ontario.  And if all else fails, move to Halifax.  I could always catch fish for a living.  It’s easy, if you got gills ;)

Get groceries that will last awhile and make my trunk smell ;)  Attract bears with special recipes.  Watch them eat.  Listen to all the sex sounds the forest makes.  Try selling watches to tourists.  Leave on the weekends because it’s too crowded.  Take field notes.  Grab at flowers and try eating on them.  No, they are not for eating.  Things like that and much more.

The laundry machines do not launder and my chest is excessively itchy, I hope the two are unrelated.
Otherwise OK.  I hope you are well.  Eating what you want, strolling where you want, scaring people, eating their things, stuff like that.

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