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Incredibly yawny.  So yawny.  It’s as though I have eaten mushrooms and am about to start seeing things. There is the walrus.  There is the giraffe.  They just want someone to rub on their necks to try and ease some of the tension.

Typing, the whole table jiggles, as do the screens.  There are four to a table and we all look very homeless and downtrodden.  Who will knife the other first?  My money is on the giraffe with a knife in it’s mouth over there in the corner.  Or is that a plant?  No, that’s ridiculous: Plants don’t have mouths, and my understanding of plants is that they are rather peaceful.

There was a squirrel in my trunk and it chewed through two of my t-shirts, and it found the flatbread, and chewed through that, too.  Then it found the instant coffee, and chewed up some of that, which was when I was alerted to it’s presence.  It was banging around back there so I opened up the trunk, and out it flew, despite winglessness, and in passing he winked at me.  All he wanted was to make a nest out of bits of my clothes and to experience the caffeine high we are always going on about, but it got the better of him, as it does me.

So, with safety glasses, and walky-talky on face and in hand, respectively, and with my beanie on, too, I will change chairs and talk to myself.  It feels like only yesterday I was contacting the “higher powers” on my walky-talky, and today feels similar.

All ye higher powers, I will say into my talky, listen and beware!  The giraffes are coming!  And the walri, too!

Because who knows how much damage they can cause, but my guess is a lot.  So take care of yourself.  You never really know when you might get stepped on or violated by some hoof or tusk.

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