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White Rabbit

I saw the white rabbit outside by three large mounds of snow near a truck's tire. It was jiggling at me ever so provocatively. Upon closer inspection it was in fact a white plastic bag doing that dance.

Then I was walking over a bridge near down town, over the half frozen river. It had been snowing and the flakes were all incredibly light, so that each step caused the snow to disperse, like dust. I saw the white rabbit there, too. But it was actually just the wind pushing around a puff of a rabbit form snow.

I would have liked to be lying on my stomach and with resistance to cold. I'd lie with my mouth open and wait for the wind to push that snow in my mouth. Maybe I would have to have been eating carrots, or imagined carrots in my mouth, or lettuce, or imagining eating either of those.

I've grabbed the white rabbit before, but only in my dreams... and that one time at Easter...

In my dreams, or in the Adventures of Zelda for N64, if I catch him, it evokes emotion. I love having emotional responses triggered by the sub-conscious. Rabbits do that to me.

In a small town in the mountains, I was about to cross a bridge when a dude with a pony tail said hello. I had the feeling he wanted to get high, or offer me drugs. I was carrying wine in my backpack. He was feeding a rabbit and went on to point out some more. This town had a serious rabbit problem and published rabbit stew recipes in the local paper. He said "it's not for nothing they say they fuck like rabbits."
  • I know people who have dreamt of Dearth Vader, and Star Wars, and talking rabbits. Are talking rabbits mythic?
  • Jung emphasized myths in dreaming since they have evolved with us over the generations. Most of our stories are not passed orally, and most youngins can't be bothered with books, since now there are movies. Are the movies creating new myths or are they common themes from myths we already know?
  • Everything that could ever possibly happen has already happened, so are our myths are always universal?


sybil law said...

I don't think I've ever had a dream about a white rabbit.
Now I feel like I'm missing out!

JMH said...

I like the study questions. I should sign up for your class. Lesson one: go find a white rabbit. Don't come back until you've done so.

John Dantzer said...

That would be an exciting class. Rabbits everywhere. They're not actually raisins, as my dad would lead me to believe. Nor are they natures candy.

Lesson two: do some mushrooms or peyote, and see what the rabbit says. There would have to be a fire. Pre-requisite: fire making.

JMH said...

They are sort of delicious, savory not sweet, if cooked by Germans. Germans know how to cook a rabbit, hassen pfifer, oddly. But I can't see Germans targeting white ones. That's not fair, I know. It's been sixty years.

Lesson two: done.

vimal said...

the topics are so random

you write funny :-)