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Going to Nelson

I’ll go to B.C., to Nelson, where the hippies like to go.  I’ve been there before, hitchhiked there, and fell in love with that old mining town on the hill.  
I’ll set my tent up in the woods on a hill (of course) just off the old railroad tracks which have been converted into a hiking/biking trail.  One morning, an oul yuppie will see me so disheveled, she’ll stand there with her hands on her hips glaring at me. The yuppies do not own the woods.

There is a lake at the bottom of Nelson where the water likes to go.  In the summer it’s warm enough to swim in.  They’ve made a beach there.  I’ll read and suntan and wonder which SPF is best. 

The library is air conditioned and they let anyone in there.  There are bathrooms.  There is internet.  The library is so air-conditioned I’ll get really cold, and be thankful for the hot sun outside (I’ll make sure to fill up my water bottle in the water fountain there.)

I have to cook and eat my meals in the park on the picnic tables.  Old British ladies will walk past and say, “Having a picnic are we?” 

Pretending my stove is in fact a fire, I do the “Stove” dance around it.  Like a caterpillar, I wait to transform.  My heart beat is drums.  The wind is singing.  The world opens itself before me. 

One night dancing, I’ll hear the bells.  I’ll be dancing, and the sound of the bells will get louder and louder. Ralpho the Gnome will show up in all his glory. 

“Ralpho,” I’ll say, “I’ve danced myself into a stupor.”   

Ralpho will laugh.  “We should stop meeting like this!!” 

Ralpho will bring news of the old country.

I lick my lips as he leaves.  
“Gnomia,” I say to myself.  The place of dreams.

It will start snowing.  My sleeps in the tent will get extra long, because the snow will restrict oxygen to my tent.

“Time to maybe go???”  One small part of me will suggest.  

Winter will bring with it a new understanding.  A deeper understanding.  I welcome it like the world.  


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John Dantzer said...

That's me. I'm coming from the woods. The sofa is fresh on my breath....