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We Could Be Demi-Gods

Now, we are not quite demi-gods, but if we pass this realm we will be.

I am very visual.  My mind is a Venn-Diagram.  Interlocking circles, man.

Nothing but circles.

What about our auras.  Can you see them?  Sometimes when I pass someone in the street I feel like puking after.

Oh yeah, what about Schrodinger's cat?  They put this cat in a box and no one knew if it was alive or dead.  You know what I'm talking about.

Listen, we will live many lives, and one in one life, we will cross this realm and into the next, and we'll all be DEMI-GODS!

Yes, but what if we make serious mistakes and cross into the lower realms, the realms of plants and animals!?  Then what?

It won't matter.  You just have to be a friendly dog or try and be a dolphin.

But what if you are fly?  Then what?

Then you will have to win the Karma Lottery.


What about the military dropping chemicals on us?  What about that?

What about the weather?

Honestly, I don't believe or listen to the weatherman any more.

I can't believe they are still in the job. 

I'm not a Buddhist, because I hate all religions, but if I didn't, I'd be a Buddhist.

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