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Moon Freaks

It doesn't take much for a gathering of Moon Freaks these days.  Imagine: Before the internet, and if you saw a lunar eclipse without forewarning, can you imagine?  It would be revelatory!  Imagine: Being an Incan or a Mayan, and having your Emperor call you to the Square, where he says he has some "Very Important News" to share.  Well, can you imagine when, looking up at the moon, with all your friends there, and the moon is covered slowly with darkness!!! EEEK!  I know I would freak, maybe even wile!  It would be a sure sign of sorcery!

And now, in the year 2015, with all the technology we have, we are alerted to the exact time and schedule of a lunar eclipse.  As a result, here they come, the Moon Freaks.  One large man wears a toga and carries a stick.  It's dark out, and I have chosen the darkest street to walk down.  There is a woman with a glowing necklace and with teeth that glow!  She smiles and I am terrified.  What if I didn't know about the eclipse! What then!  It's not Hallow-e'en!  Or is it!? I would be so confused.

But I do know, thank you, and I'd like to see it myself, WITHOUT the influence of the Heathen Devil Weed!  It's smoke hangs thick in the ay-er, and I cay-er, and I do not shake my arms.  I need my thoughts with me.  I do not need them lumbering about, like that Mustachioed man underneath the tree!!!

Still, it is a sight to behold!  First regular moon, then dark moon, then 1/2 dark moon!  THEN 3/4 LIGHT MOON OH MY GOD! THEN BACK TO REGULAR FULL MOON!

Now it is when I wish my Ma was not in fact a She-wolf, and where my inclinations to howl were not so pronounced or consuming.  But there I go again, my mind not unlike the shadowed moon, with me an object of my thoughts - from a distance - I howl and it is the Security which slaps on my face to get me out of it.


C said...

I will never forget the night of the blood moon about a month ago. I stood banging the window of a bar with the police at 3am to try to get the people out as there was a bomb scare. Crazy but true.

John Dantzer said...

Woah! The blood moon has different connotations for some people, I guess.