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Thrill of the Discotheque

I have to wear 5 layers for my upper body, because it's so cold out.  I don't worry about my lower body.  Also I do 'high stepping', which is exactly what it sounds like.  Horses do it also, but not to increase circulation, but because it makes them look fancy.

So whenever I come inside to do my internet, I have to take off  4 upper layers.  Then I do 5 jumping jacks to get ready.  They I crick my neck by twisting my head fast to and fro.  Then I clap the dust off my hands, and take a few deep breaths.  Then, just for good measure, I jump.  And if anyone who is around me wants to high five, I'm o.k. with that.

You might not think doing internet is especially rigorous.  Then you must not be doing it right.  When I am interneting, my fingers are just like small warriors out for a romp on moonlit fields.  They are fighting ignorance, friends, and sometimes: inequality.  (My fingers are loosely attached to my brain)

Then I plug my earphones in, and make some play lists, and bounce around on my seat, typing and bobbing my head around.   You might think that all that head bobbing might cause a sore neck, but if I'm not mistaken I already told you I stretched my neck out.

Then, without warning, or without very many warnings, the computer kicks me off because I'm only allowed one hour.

After a round of good internet I make my way to the nearest discotheque and start my pointing at random things skyward.  Everyone thinks I'm a safety inspector. That's what they think, that is, until they see the blurriness of my feet doing the craziest of jigs.  The swiftness of my feet 'n legs makes it appear as though I am actually floating on air.

"As though on air," they will say to themselves.


Jules said...

I'd totally high five you, and be amazed at your fabulously fast feet. Just sayin.

John Dantzer said...

Hand shakes are for strangers.