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Three Paragraphs

Geese coming to Canada for spring.  They didn’t realize there would still be snow on the ground.  We don’t have to worry about them too much, they are used to the cold.  They just sleep on the ground and fly around.  Birds evolved from dinosaurs.  Those geese sure think highly of themselves.  They still think they are dinosaurs.  They’ll kill you. 

It’s harder to build a pole than poke a hole.  That’s a saying the Doctors use when considering babies who have both ding-dongs and boxes, or a combo of both.  I would prefer the doctors not to poke any holes, or build any poles if that were the case.  I would like them to leave me alone.  They think they know everything, and “patients” become “stats”.  I’m not a textbook, thank-you.  Put your tweezers away.  Or whatever. 

I’m leaving.  End of story.  Donzo.  Amen!  Outta here.  I’ll be outta here soon enough.  I’m going to Thailand and Malaysia.  Then after that trip I will be so screwed.  Oh well.  Maybe if I get high enough in Thailand and Malaysia my thoughts won’t bother me.  Or maybe if I get too high my thoughts will bother me.  It’s a fine balance.  I’ll need some extra chemicals though, that’s for sure.  I’m outta here, just like leaving prison, only to find another prison to live in.  Well...


Anonymous said...

Are you a secret agent? I just assume so.

So if I send you a package, should I not include anything live or edible or edibly lively? Seeing as you're on a some sort of secret mission to Uganda.

John Dantzer said...

Edible livelies will in no way affect my secret mission to Uganda.