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The Importance of Journaling

What is journaling?  According to my spellcheck, it's not even a word, but then again, neither is spellcheck.

The french word for day is jour or journee.  So, a journal, according to french people, is a daily affair.

Now let's look at a word similar to journee, but in english: journey.  So, if we combine french and english meanings we get a daily journey.

I don't have to tell you what the al is in journal, because it's obviously a man named Al.  With this added bit of info, a journal is a daily journey taken with a man named Al.  Al is your spiritual adviser or tour guide, as it were.  He makes sure you don't get run over by cars or get mauled by dogs. But he is not always to be trusted.

Journaling, is an act of power.  According to Foucault, writing is a disciplinary apparatus.  More writing, more power.  Don't let anyone tell you about the dreaded hypergraphia.  With your developed wrist muscles from all the writing you're doing, you could easily stab that person in the neck with your pen.

Journaling is therapeutic.  Do you hate someone?  Instead of stabbing them in the neck, take time to write about it!  You will be subjecting that person to your apparatus of power.

Journaling can act as an affidavit.  Has someone accused you of stabbing them in the neck?  Well they better accuse someone else.  You have an affidavit.  However, you had better also have an alibi, which is a good reason to start a journaling club.  You and your friendos can get together in some sordid location, and subject each other to your various apparatuses of power.  Now if you stab someone in the neck, you have less a chance of being caught.

See.  The benefits of journaling are substantial.  So find a quiet place and choose a humble pen.


sybil law said...

Dude. I'd totally wanna be in your club.

ponks said...

I'm in too

John Dantzer said...

Ok, let's meet in some sordid location in New York City.