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The Idea of Adulting

My FB friend posted a picture of him and his wife sitting behind the Pittsburg Penguins bench at an NHL game. He wrote: "Just finished giving Kessell a little advice ha-ha"

Then someone else commented:"Did you tell him to turn down the suck?"

Then my friend replied: "I was going to write that but then thought in my head 'be an adult'" 

Then the other guy said: "Adult? What are those"

First of all, hockey is not a sport for adults.

Second of all, the other guy said it best, What is an adult? 

Now, I'm 33, and my Pa is 63.  He is a 'Baby Boomer'.  He has notions of what it means to be an adult, probably because his Pa had notions before him, and his Pa notions before him.  My Great-Grandpa's notions included moving to Canada, becoming a farmer, finding a wife, having kids, and instilling in them proper notions.  

My Grandpa's notions included not being a farmer, moving the hell away from the farm, getting a Real Job, finding a wife, having kids, and instilling in them proper notions.

My Pa's notions included entertaining notions to become a farmer just to piss off his pa, getting the hell away from his pa and/or moving to where there were real jobs, finding a better job than his pa had, finding a wife, having kids and instilling in them proper notions.

My notions have included becoming a communist, getting the hell away from my pa, not quite being able to, moving around a lot, trying to find a job at all, trying to at least find a girlfriend, cats are too much responsibility for me, so was the pet spider I found, even fake plants can sometimes be a nuisance.  

Now, I'm 33, and my Pa is 63. That means I have to sire at least one child before I turn 34, or my Pa will have beaten me in the "I had more kids than you by the time I was 33" game.  

It's true, people are living longer (sad trombone), a 33 years old is the new 23, no, that's not even true, because the new 23 is the new 22.  

People are living longer, but how old will the baby boomers live to?  I think that is the question.  Who are these people?!  And has life really been that good to them?  They had the 60's, I guess.  That must have been pretty sweet, but they also had the 80's, and that was sweet in a different way, diabetes sweet.  

What I mean to say is, my notions of adult are not defined, and if someone defines them they are only loosely defined, and not for very long.  My friend who tried to be an adult at a hockey game has his own notions of adulting and one of them includes not making fun of Kesell, or saying the word 'suck', and he will pride himself on how adult he is, and he will take great pains to abide by his notions however much they damage his psyche, and in 5-10 years he will notice that he was the only one with these same notions and will come to the conclusion that the last 10 years in the adult department have been a waste and he has to start anew.

So, let's take our time and try our patience with our definitions of adult.  And if you think you already have some I would be weary of them.  Unless you are 63, then good for you. 

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