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Nowhere Left to Hide

Where do you go when you only have the one place to be but can't stay there?  You have to hide there is what.  Like you are not liked or wanted there, and it would be best to leave, but you can't, because there is no where else to go.  That's not true, it's a big world, right?  Even the universe can sometimes be stifling.  All you have to do is open the door and walk outside and your problem is solved.  See?  No, you can't go outside because you don't even know about it.  You just know all of the hiding places here.  Sometimes the hiding places are taken by other people and they threaten to harm you.  They gang up and so you have to find some place else to hide.  Sometimes all the hiding places are taken and you are thrown into the spot light.  You might as well be naked.

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