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The Amusement Park

You'll ride a roller coaster.  It will begin by climbing a large steep track up the side of a mountain.  The pleasant scenery and affable company you keep will act as a mask for what you're about to experience.  

All pretensions and illusions are done away with when the track goes into an opening in the dark mountain.  There won't be any lights at first except for the light you've came from.  A faint glow can be perceived from the vertical shaft which houses the "Terrifying Helix of Doom".  Here incandescent bulbs are placed equidistant from each other, which will be perceived as a line of light when you are screaming down the shaft.  The turns the track makes won't be enough to eject you from your seat, but you will receive that impression.  Once the track is spent of distance, it will straighten itself out.  The incandescent lights will have run their course, and you will be able to see ahead of you the bright light you've left before you entered the mountain.  The coaster slows down, it's momentum having been lost.  You'll emerge from the mountain in a different state than when you entered it.  Smiles and chatter will be replaced with frozen looks of fear and soft cries.  Maybe some wailing.  Maybe some of you are dead.  The sun is no longer warm on your face.  It burns! It burns!  And the chitter of the birds now sounds like the most ingratiating laughter.  Kindly relations with fellow passengers will be foregone.  Indeed, assaults are likely in your effort to deboard.  

You can try running off the grounds and what you remember as normal, but there is not escape.  You are here forever.  Get used to cotton candy.  Get used to tooth decay.


sybil law said...

I love the amusement parks, like, 1 day a year. I'd like them more if it wasn't for the crowds.

JMH said...

Surreal! But it makes so much sense.