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Specially Trained Vigilante

Sometimes I like to imagine that I'm a specially trained renegade.  RENEGADE!!!  And I spend my times in the mountains or forested hills, or forested mountains, killing things.  For example, with my sniper rifle, from a distance, I can take someone's eye out.  That's just one example.  Another example: Like Che Guevara, I eat hawks.  That's how goddamn tough I am.  Now the Prey eats the prey, how you like it, hawk?  Then I catch sharks with my bare hands, I take rides on their fins, I wrastle them out of the ocean and kill them right there on the beach, and eat it, and the tourists all watch and are horrified. 

Specially trained vigilante.  There's many of us.  It's hard work in the mountains all alone.  Eating hawks and sharks.  So, when we come down from the mountain, or hill, and make our way to town, the proprietors try and lure you with their wares.  Like beer, mainly.  And other things to drink and eat.  And maybe things with pockets... Life in the mountains is hard.

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A Beer for the Shower said...

I loved my trip to Thailand, and yes, everyone is so damn polite. "Land of smiles" indeed. I didn't get into any violent fights, but I DID get kissed on the cheek by a Thai woman that screamed to her friend, "I kiss Brad Pitt the American!"

Probably the one and only time in my life I will EVER be mistaken for Brad Pitt...