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Seeking Asylum

In Redneckville.  Wolverine’s everywhere.  Soon there will be a heat wave.  I am driven mad.  I drive madly, and the madness does not follow any reason.  It is as though I am chasing the wind.  The mind wind.

I just want to crawl up someone’s pant leg and nestle against their privates.  First one thing, than the next, and it all comes tumbling down.  Just like that one nursery rhyme Humpty Dumpty.  I am the same, friends.  Except for kings horses and kings men, it is wolverines and lime disease carrying ticks.  And any other critters of my imagination.  And trust me there are a lot.

So the next time you are playing the harmonica whilst walking down the street, or whatever it is you do, remember me and cry a little.  If you are lucky, a tear drinking Blindmaker bug won’t try and disable you.

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