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Sailey Man

My hair dreads easily.  Dreads are kind of like rope.  Ropes are used well for binding things - sails, sail boats, shit like that (I've never been sailing, but have seen a boat and all the rope). 

My hair is long, curly.  Sometimes when I am feeling especially nervous, I'll have a seat on my bench and go ahead and just puff out my hair into a huge afro.  This is accomplished by un-dreading my hair.  That's why they're called dreads, because you sit there and you dread and you dread, and the next thing you know your hair has turned into rope (with bugs in it ;)  In my case, since I'm un-dreading, well, afterwards I feel a sense of relief.

Well, dogs are freighted of me in the evenings.  I think it's because their vision isn't that great, and the puffy fro could be mistaken for an extra large head, or a body without a head at all.  Also, I smell like vacuum, and make vacuum sounds.

I usually tie my hair back and put it on the top of my head.  I guess it's ridiculous, but sometimes that keeps the spark alive.

Today it was windy, and the wind blew from behind.  The wind blows harder when I cross the bridge, and it was over the bridge where I had my revelation: Use my ropey hair to make hair sails!!!!!!!!

What's that in the sky?

Oh, him?  That's sailey man.

Sailey man?!

With the fibrous strength of his hair, he has fashioned sails which have accorded him flight.

Sailey hair!  Sailey man!  Yay!


sybil law said...

Man, I'd totally fly with you, Sailey Man!

John Dantzer said...

Let's do it! You have to strengthen you hair, though.