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In the Lilly Meadow

Rubbin hasn't got time for another lecture from her Pa.  She's got business to do in the meadow, amongst the Butterlillies.  She will meet Bandy McFlurfen and Nigel Cumberbundt. 

"Why do we always have to meet in the meadow, Rubbin?  There are ticks here, and they want to crawl into my nethers.  I'll get lime disease."

"I have a special place in my heart for Butterlillies, Nigel, and for ticks.  They just want a warm home to call their own, and to get so fat and sated off blood, so that they never have to crawl around again, or feel the hunger."

Nigel gives Rubbin a worried look.  She is picking up the lilies one by one and eating them. 

"Where is Bandy, anyway?"

There she is, running toward them.  Her hair flows in the wind, and if Rubbin or Nigel had ever seen a hair commercial, they would make that association.  The ticks are jumping this way and that, as though Bandy herself is releasing some kind of energy, or her aura is visible and dangerous.

"That girl sure can run."

"They didn't call her Bandy for nothing, Nigel.  Just like me.  It's why we're here."

"In Berryton?"

"No, amongst the lilies.  They are butterlilies, Nigel."

Nigel looks at her in confusion.  "It is not a cause for existence."

"What I mean is, my last name is McButterpants."

Nigel waits a few seconds before he doubles over in laughter, and falls to the ground from laughter. The ticks take the opportunity to crawl toward his soft soft skin.  Rubbin looks down at him.

"What's so funny?"


Bandy has arrived, and her hair bounces and flows.  She flicks some of the ticks off her.  Her eyes are shining with all the great things she's seen. Her cheeks are glowing, too.  She is laughing and smiling.

"What's he laughing at?"

"Never mind him.  How are you?"

"I have seen ice cream in the forest."

"Did you try eating it?"

Bandy looks at Rubbin with confusion.  "Why would I try and do that?"

"Because it's ice cream."

Bandy laughs.  She tilts her head back and laughs, and Rubbin can see her teeth.  They are sharp and predatory.  "You can't eat forest ice cream, Rubbin!  It's full of twigs and dirt!"

Rubbin has many times eaten forest ice cream.   She thinks it's the best.  She just takes the twigs out, and the dirt is just usually on the bottom.

"How come we always have to meet here?"  Bandy asks, and slaps at a tick crawling up her leg.

"Because it's my turn to pick, and I've already told you, I like the Butterlilies.  Aren't they beautiful?"

Bandy looks across the meadow and imagines all the blood she will lose just by standing there. 

Nigel, in his laughter, is not aware of all the ticks, his skin is turning grey. 

"Get up, Nigel.  You're being eaten alive."

Nigel's laughter turns to screaming, and he gets up quickly and dances around slapping at himself.  He's doing the "Tick Dance".  Now it's Rubbin's turn to laugh, and Bandy joins her.

"Let's go!" cries Nigel, and he Tick Dances over the hill and into safer territory. 

Rubbin and Bandy follow him, but at a more leisurely pace.  The wind blows Bandy's hair, and blows it into Rubbin's face.

"Sorry," Bandy says.

"It's o.k."

"Next week it's my turn to pick, and we'll be meeting at the track."

"Why?  Isn't that where the Mexicans hang out with their guns shooting rats?"

"That's true, but they rarely hit humans, and I think it's a good place to run."


They walk towards the setting sun.

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