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Poll Results: Which One Are You?

One day I’ll move to Springville, where the flowers will constantly be blooming, and the birds will be so confused because they won’t know which direction to fly.  I’ll tell them, “You don’t have to fly anywhere, friends.  You’re home now.  You’re home.” 

Which One Are You?

Accessory      1 (14%)
Ornament       0 (0%)
Tool               2 (28%)
Electric          2 (28%)
Magnetic       1 (14%)
Compulsory   0 (0%)
Combustible  1 (14%)


jon said...

Birds love the comforting words. You can train certain birds, via white noise machine, to lull you to sleep. Not geese, though. Never go to sleep around a goose.

It seems to me that the residents of Springville would be the best people you could ever meet in their own locale, but once they emigrated to a place with four seasons, they would be murderers 3/4 of the year.

John Dantzer said...

Never trust a goose, totally. Woodcreepers are also not a welcome bedmate, (with all that creeping on the wood...)