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Police Brutality

There are so many videos of police brutality going viral.  Then the officers lose their jobs or go to jail.  A news conference is called, and the officer in question is reprimanded publicly, as though he has done a bad thing, and that the police are embarrassed and guilty.

But maybe the virality of the videos is welcomed by both the public and the police.  Maybe it's all a part of their plan.  For example, now we have seen first hand how brutal the police can be.  Before, in our minds, we imagined some brutality, but seeing it in real life is so much more brutal.  In our minds, or in the minds of young offenders, they imagine themselves giving the officers guff, or churt, or hoorahing the officer perchance.  Now, after having seen the videos, well, the same young offender will second guess his hoorahing.  Maybe now he will hang his head, fearing the wrath of a specially trained Officer Brutal who wants nothing more than to brutalize and be brutal. 

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