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Magic Tea

A cuddly puppy, not really a puppy anymore. He's one year old. He has big floppy ears, a clumsy run and often skids to a halt. He barks at the children across the street. A happy bark, like how a child might greet you in a hurry. His big ears go flopping as he runs towards them on the other side of the street.

"Awww... Come here puppy. Come here!" One child calls. The cuddly puppy is only too happy to respond.


The puppy is no longer cuddly. A pancake on the road.

"Disgusting!" Another child says from across the street.

"Eeeeeewwwwwwwww...." Replies another.

They're waiting for the school bus. School: such fun. Such gleeful fun. The children can't wait for the fun and games.

Look, here comes the bus now.

"Yay! Yay! The bus is coming! We get to go to school!" Cries another. Their rosy cheeks all turn to face the approaching bus. Their eyes excited for the day to come.

Vrroooooommmm! It blows by them leaving dust and fumes in it's wake. The children's faces are a mixture of sad and horrified. One child starts to cry. The dog is flatter. Tumble weed blows by.

The bus driver is High! There's a cigarette in his mouth and he looks angry. Look! There's another dog on the road! Just another bump to him. He cackles as it squeals. He rolls up his sleeve and gets the band out and ties it round his arm. He takes the syringe from his pocket, pops the cap and tightens the band with his teeth. His teeth are yellow and he has a crook nose. He was flying on speed, now the heroin calms him. Calms him Way down. Down to the Ground. His head rests on the horn.

A yellow bullet tearing through rural America. There's a boy in the back the bus driver picked up when he wasn't too far gone. He notices the trees flying by outside and can see in the mirror the bus drivers state. Calmly, he closes his book and walks to the front. He rolls the bus driver from his seat and takes the controls. The other kids on the bus are stupid and haven't realized what's going on. They won't realize anything because they have their fingers up their noses.

The boy doesn't want to go to school. He's at the controls. He wants to drive the bus far far away. He drops the kids off somewhere random, telling them that the school has moved locations and now looks like a convenience store. He gives them all a quarter and they buy candy. 

The boy gets out of the city and into the plains before the school finds out what happened and call the police. The police find the bus on the side of the highway, but the boy is gone. He started walking hours ago and has made it to the violent green hills off yonder. You can see them under purple skies. Of course, the police don't know this, they want donuts. The boy wants some quiet and an assortment of tea.

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