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Human Powered People Launcher

People are going to the gyms these days to tone their physics and so that they can eat more and admire themselves in the mirror a little more.  They ride bikes and run on treadmills which are computerized and adjustable.  Resistance is in the machine.  The machine is an independent unit connected to nothing but a power source.  There are signups for the machines in busier institutions even though there are often a number of them aligned in rows.  

We are a power source being neglected.  The machines should be hooked up to the grid, and the machines should be designed in such a way as to produce maximum energy output as efficiently as possible.  The energy stored could serve any number of functions.  In the interest of fun, and of the expense of non-renewable energy sources, I will suggest using the energy for the propelling of people through the air.  

The machines, and the people working them, could all be housed in a single building.  This would increase energy output, as the time wasted arriving and leaving locations would be cancelled.  The machines could transfer energy output to a series of centralized storage receptacles  for use at a later time.  Each worker would have his or her quota of energy which needed to be produced daily based on the size and experience of the worker.  Exceeded quote would result in more monies, all of which would be spent on the institutes shops consisting mainly of grocery stores, restaurants and cafes, anything which could be eaten.  Games would be fiercely competitive, as they would all be incredibly good shape.  

The person chosen as the one propelled would be the winner of a lottery.  The recipient would enjoy two days of luxury before ultimately meeting his or her end in one last kick at the can.  

The event would pay homage to human life and the act of conception.  The launching device, built into the structure, would be aimed at a 45 degree angle, and the weight and size of the winner would be accounted for, and would dictate where the target was supposed to go.  Of course, no one wants anyone to get killed, but it was a risk the workers know they have to take.  The target would be a large mound of hay, whose intent would be to soften the blow of flying through the air.  

The distances sought by the power of the workers, would be no paltry sum.  Many hundreds of miles could be covered in one launch.  The residence and workers of the institute would take the launch as a day to relax, party, and celebrate.  Even those unaffiliated with the Human Powered People Launchers i.e. those underneath the sight of the trajectories, would take the time out of their days to salute the winner as his final journey took place.  

Only the finest athletes could gain entry into the Institute, and so those under the trajectory always imagined it to be themselves.  As such, slingshots, trebuchets, and catapults are always popular toys.   

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