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Eating Reserved to Dinning Room

"What is your proposition?"

"Since North and South Korea have been split, and as a result have split friends and family, I propose to build a place that allows for heartfelt meetings, meditation and dining. I took my inspiration from this picture of two brothers who have been separated and are hugging. The building will resemble two rings that are interlocked. The place where they interlock will be the place of meetings."

"Take me through your project. Where do I enter?"

"You enter here. I guess I'll have to build a ramp there."

"Then what?"

"Then they do meditation in this room. And then they do dining here."

"First they meditate, then they dine. O.k."

"Yes, first they meditate, and then they eat each other."

"That's certainly more intimate than a hug."

"It's a Korean tradition."

"This may be a bit of an aside, but what part do they start with?"

"The thigh. Yes, after they've done eating bits of each other they are ready to meet."

"Sorry for interrupting, but are they bleeding at this point?"

"Yes, bleeding, sometimes quite badly. Bandages and first aid will be available here, at this station."


"Here is where they meet, where the hugging will happen."

"Sorry, but do they eat each other here, as well?"

(Laughs) "No! That only happens in the dinning quarters." (Rolls eyes.)

"You say this is a tradition, have you ever been eaten?"

"Of course. My parents could not leave North Korea." (Lifts his pant leg to reveal a small scabby crater on his calf. Starts crying.) "I'm sorry. The memory is still fresh."

"There there. It's o.k.."


sybil law said...

Duh! Only in the dining room!
And the thigh *is* the meatiest part, after all...

Asylum Dolly said...

Hahahahahaaa! :D
Your imagination is a strange and wondrous (wondrous or wonderous? my spelling is bad :S But you know what i mean) place.
I was about to say something suggestive about the thighs, but then realised that this house is a meeting place for families, so thought better of it.

John Dantzer said...

Sybil - If I am ordering chicken, I will always order thigh.

Bon- I think it's wondrous. Thanks! THigh comments are out of place amongst family, unless you are eating chicken.

JMH said...

Jorg! This is a foreign policy breakthrough, a sort of reconciliation by cannibalism.

Witness a diplomat saying, "Yes, we are the same. We can prove we are the same by eating each other. There is no change. We are eating ourselves."

Reunification of Korea is imminent, as is the end of the Korean War, which I guess never ended.

John Dantzer said...

When you get right down to it we are all meat and are all edible and probably taste like horses. Boundaries don't exist.