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Family is Important #2

Going to Mexico.  I've been there before so I kind of know the way.  I get there in my car on the freeway.  I can't remember what the turnoff is exactly, so I'll have to guess.

I get there all right.  Mexico, where everyone speaks Spanish.  I'll say hello to a couple of random people.  Will go to the grocery store.  I'll have a burrito, of course.  But getting the wrapper off will be more difficult than expected.  I'll have to ask people for help, but won't need it in the end.

I'll buy cheap cigars.  A lot of them.  I'm supposed to meet my family at a motel somewhere.  A grocer shows me where to go.  The motel isn't very nice.  And where is the ocean?  Who goes to Mexico without staying near the ocean?  Drug-lords and pimps, that's who.  I'm starting to suspect the motel is where prostitutes take their customers.

No family in sight, so I smoke cigars in the parking lot.  There are so many prostitutes in the parking lot.  I call them hos.  "Hos" means "of" in Swedish.  Now the hos are with their mothers, and they are also hos.  Combining Swedish and English we get "hos ho" which means "of ho".

For my own amusement I kick a ball against the wall.  It disturbs an oul drunk Mexican dressed as Santa Claus.  It must be nearing Christmas.  He comes stumbling out of his hotel room and throws a bottle at me, but he is no where near his mark.  So he throws insults at me, but because they are in Spanish, I can't understand them.  Maybe he's not insulting me at all, maybe he's trying to give me advice.  Then he starts throwing hos at me and hos hos hos hos.  Despite his drunkenness, he can still lift some of them up.  They splat not far from his feet.  He eventually goes tumbling after them. 

It's apparent my family tricked me into coming here.  They are tricking me more and more these days.  They don't like my trajectory.  They don't like what I've become.  They say I'll ruin their good name.  So they all get together and plan elaborate hoaxes and I am only too happy to play along.  I should stop it, but can't.  They are all I have.  Family is everything.

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