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Faith is Also Important to Atheists

If space is infinite, then there could be an infinite amount of universes.  If there are an infinite amount of universes, then there is an infinite amount of life.  If there is an infinite amount of life, then there is an infinite amount of copies of ourselves.  If there is an infinite amount of copies of ourselves, then all possibilities are finite and experiential.

Imagine: Have you ever been faced with a tough decision?  Between this or that?  Well, if space is infinite, you don't need to worry too much about your decisions, because if you choose one thing, your copy of yourself in a different universe will choose the other thing.  All our bases are covered!!!

All these universes, all this space, it's called Multiverse theory.  Infinite space cannot be proven, not yet.  So, there is a divide among theoretical physicists about it.  And there is also a divide between belief in god, and non-belief in god.  So, you think all of the scientists want proof about god?  Well, they also want proof about the infinity of space.  Then each camp develops their own theories, and each theory has a foundation of faith, because it can't be proven, not yet.  So, faith is just as important to Atheists...


Anonymous said...

That depends. Isn't faith based on complete trust? Without questions?

John Dantzer said...

I think faith is like belief in what you would like to happen, or meet, or whatever.