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Ever Stalwart

How is Des Moines?

It's better than I expected. I met a man who told me I had the power to communicate with dreams. His mushrooms were good.

I thought you said you'd quit getting high.

I lied. I lied.

How is Iowa? Are you on the river?

Iowa is treating me well. I'm on the river. My sinuses are clear, and everyday I row.

Is there that smell?

Yes. It's worse in some places. They think...

.... They think what?

They think it is from decomposing bodies.

That sounds sad. Are you sure you don't want to come home?

I love rowing....

We miss you. Don't drown, and phone.

I phoned, didn't I?

Make sure you phone more often.

Pay phones are hard to find. I hate how people stare at me.

Maybe if you didn't look like a bum. A no good bum.

I have to go.

Ever stalwart.