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Downhill Skiing

The best part of downhill skiing is going down, that's why they call it downhill skiing, and not chairlift riding.

But be careful!!! Downhill skiing is dangerous.  You could hit a tree or rock.  I was skiing once, and a snowboarder flew over a cliff, without checking to see what was on the other side, and guess what, a bunch of pointy rocks were on the other side.  I heard his screams.

Not many people enjoy riding the chairlift.  It might be o.k. the first couple of times, but then quickly becomes boring.  It's a necessary evil to the ecstatic highs of skiing.  Your feet dangle.  You get cold.  Your feet lose circulation.  There are weirdos sitting next to you.  The chairlift is so didactic.  "Up you go," it says, and you don't have a choice of where it goes.  But if you want to go down, you have to go up.  Be thankful you aren't walking

But be careful!!! You could get lost on your way down.  There are so many possibilities, they are endless.  It's one of the thrills of going down, but sometimes thrills turn into dark skies, freezing skin and death. 

I once hit a Scotsman on skis.  He said, "If you do it again, I'll kill ya!!"  The chances of me doing it again would be slim, since it was such a big mountain, but since I didn't want to take the chance, I stayed in the lodge and did mushrooms instead.  It was ironic because I almost died afterwards from mushroom poisoning. 

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