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An Expert in the Matters of Flotation

Andy opened the cage and grabbed a fat gopher.  Through years of experience, he processed the gopher as though tying his shoes.  He separated the bladder, stomach and tail as possibly useful parts and put them in their respective piles.  He threw all non-edible parts into a pail which was used as offering to the birds of prey circling high above them.  He quickly seared the meat on a skillet over the fire and walked back outside, trying not to betray his excitement.

When he returned to Sunny she had one of those birds of prey on her shoulder.

"Bah!" Andy exclaimed.

The large bird shifted his steely gaze to Andy and let out a low, drawn out squawk, and flew away.

Andy walked closer to Sunny making sure to keep his eyes on the skies.  It would not be the first time he would be dive bombed for no reason.  He handed Sunny the meat and backed away cautiously.

"Thank-you," she said and ate the meat not unlike a bird of prey.

Andy watched and his peter started dingling.  It was enough to see a woman, but a woman-falcon upped the antis in the fantasy department.  He still could not be sure what he was seeing was real.  If the others could see her at least it would be a shared hallucination. 

Sunny finished the meat and licked off her hands. "Thank-you," she said.  "I was so hungry..."  She scanned the horizon with her eyes.  "I should be going.  My brother won't find himself.  It was nice meeting you..."

"Andy," he said.  "Smiling Andy." And he smiled a smile with which he was named for, and outstretched his hand to be shaken. 

Sunny took it and shook and said, "A pleasure."

"The pleasure was mine," replied Andy, and wiped his hand on his pants.  "Do you know anything about flotation?'

"I know a little.  I didn't fly here, after all," Sunny replied.

"You have a boat?" He asked.

"Of course, it's not much.  You can see it down there."

Andy got on his stomach and looked over the edge.  And there it was, a small boat floating on the waves.

"Do you mind coming inside?  There are people who would appreciate your flotation knowledge in there."

"Of course, it's the least I could do after you've shown me such hospitality."

"Follow me," he said and led her to the doorway.

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