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The Forest

"During his wanderings, he meets people who claim to be prisoners of the sylvan depths. Because they have chosen to consecrate themselves to praying in the forest or because their trade compels them to live off the forest, gold does not attract them. For the woodworkers, the woodcutters, the stick carriers, and charcoal burners, gold exposes them to contempt and distrust. For religious hermits in the forest, gold signifies earthly temptations. All of them have their reasons for breaking with civilization. The forest represents for them a desert where they are free to assume the role of marginality. This does not imply the exercise of freedom but the comforting submission to an order that is not of man. They do not wish to explore other ways of living."

Andree Corvol. The Forest. From Rethinking France. 2006. Edited by Pierre Nora.

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