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JMH said...

True. Snakes are made for micro-checking. Maybe they can be trained to give prostate exams. They'd have to be de-fanged first, unless the patient requested otherwise. That would be a hard and good prostate exam. Good and hard.

John Dantzer said...

Good if you like the fangs, hard if you don't.

Asylum Dolly said...

I like snakes! I like this story too. I liked that word, "tealiness". I'm going to start incorporating it into my vocabulary. God knows I need more words in there.
I hope the snake lady is not venomous.
When i was a kidly, my family and i lived ina little shack in the bush, with no electricity, and there used to be carpet snakes in the eaves, and i would watch them. They're cool.
As a teenager, still living in the sticks, i was dancing stupidly in a field of long grass, and accidentally stepped on a red-belly black snake (which are poisonous!), and it jumped up at me, so i ran away, quite fast. that was not so cool.
Anyway, enough of my life story. I luvs your writingz!

sybil law said...

French kissing snakes. Awesome.
If only I could make the clicking, clucking sounds - or, rather, if only I could type them out.

And that woman sounds scary.

John Dantzer said...

Bon- You're from the sticks! Cool! I always thought the Australian wilderness was a tame place since they don't have bears or wolves, but the spiders and snakes and birds there are so dangerous, and mostly tiny, that I would much prefer bears over crocodiles.

Sybil - Snakes are good at everything.

Asylum Dolly said...

We have dingos too! They can be very can koalas.Don't let them fool you with their cuteness- one false move and they will claw your intestines out and eat them in front of you.
(I may be making that bit up about the koalas.)
But Echidnas too can be nasty if you were to accidentally sit on one.
Actually, just yesterday in the news I read about this guy being attacked by a wombat!!! Serious! I had a laugh. But it probably wasn't that funny for the guy.
So there you go. Tame my ass! (Shit, that sounded like some kind of sexual invitation didn't it? )

John Dantzer said...

In the parks there I also remember possums, and although they seemed cute they also gave looks like they wanted to claw some eyes. I would not want to be one of the criminals that settled that country, JJ!

And finally an invitation to tame some ass! I've been waiting for one of those for a while ;)

Asylum Dolly said...

There are a family of possums living in a tree just outside my bedroom window, and sometimes at night time they argue with one another, and they make the most EVIL noises..kinda like a combination of a deranged cat and gollum from Lord Of the Rings. It's quite terrifying to be woken by it.

I doubt anybody would be able to tame THIS ass- it's pretty crazy (I'm not actually sure what i mean by that )but you are most welcome to try ..*raises eyebrows in sleazy manner*

John Dantzer said...

I wish a family of possums lived outside my window. instead it is a bird and he poops on my window.

Raising your eyes sleazily is only so if it is a man doing it. If a woman does it it's a man's dream come true. Unless you are exceptionally ugly, which you are not.

Asylum Dolly said...

*raises eyebrows again*