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Still Life


Asylum Dolly said...

Very interesting! I like the fact that i can't tell what these things are. They kinda look like empty seed pods or something. Are they made of plaster? Papier mache??
Ah! That's the pomegranate in the wooden frame in the last like pomegranates i see. I just realised I've actually never tasted one.

John Dantzer said...

You've never had a pomegranate! I thought Australia was the land of fruit! During my visit there I had several fruit that I had never even heard of, including fajowa, passion fruit, and weird banana shaped thing. The ball thing in the middle is actually made of wood.

Asylum Dolly said... that's why I thought the pomegranate looked weird, hehe. I need to try one! (the fruit- not a ball made of wood). Ah, I grew up in the countryside, and at one of the farms I used to live we had passionfruit growing wild. It's nice on icecream :)