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sybil law said...

Very nice!
Minus the foot one. I don't know why, but it disturbs me!!!

Asylum Dolly said...

Every time you post your pinhole photography I wish that i had somewhere to set up a darkroom here. Damn! Back in my student days i experimented a lot with them, and they are so much fun. You can make people look like ghosts by getting the person to change position or move out of frame entirely halfway through exposure.
Oh, and have you ever tries making a pinhole camera out of something rounded like a can or tin? because you can get some cool kinda warped images happening with them.From memory i think they took a longer time to get an image...? Not sure, but i remember not all of them working properly, but the ones that did looked really cool.

I like the factory chimney one. (if that's what it is?) In my mind it is a chocolate factory, run by an eccentric chocolatier like Willy Wonka.

The foot pic is cool! Is it just a trick of the light, or are there six toes happening there? it looks like there are six toes! i like it. But I'm freaky like that.

Damn! I MUST find a way to set up a darkroom!!!

Asylum Dolly said...

P.s. Sorry to be all stalkerish, but I just looked at the "paintings" tag on the sidebar there, and can I say they are awesome! I like the towel ones, and the bananas defying gravity. You have a great style!
I would've left comments on the actual posts, but i was worried you might not see them because they are old posts, so i'm telling you here instead.
Um...I don't want to sound creepy, but if you haven't already noticed i think i have a bit of a bloggycrush on you.Nothing weird i promise! (if it makes you feel better i have bloggycrushes on girls too) Just dig your work :)

John Dantzer said...

Sybil - maybe it's because of the extra toe.

Bon - I've been thinking of using a sphere as a camera since that is closer to what our eyeballs look like.
The chimney is in fact for a chocolate factory. I work there part time as a oompa loompa.
I didn't see the sixth toe at first, but have seen it, but I think (unfortunately) that it is apart of my little toe :(
Setting up a dark room is easy, just cardboard your windows.
I'm glad you like the paintings, I should paint more.
It's good to have bloggy crushes since it provides inspiration.

JMH said...

Cool -- very industrial looking set. Although I suppose in a factory setting, people are more prone to losing toes than gaining them. But maybe you started out with seven?

John Dantzer said...

Yes, I started out with seven. You can see the nub of it. When it comes to toes, I am indeed bountiful.