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Giant Fly, Dwarf Jewel, Citrine, Gourd


sybil law said...


Asylum Dolly said...

I second sybil! The second one is my favourite. LOVE it. There is something magical about it. I would actually buy a print of it if i saw it in a shop.
The second last one looks like a mini robot. And the fly is freaky, but cool.
I think these are my favourite pinhole pics of yours so far!
Have a creative weekend my friend! :)

Asylum Dolly said...

P.s. incidentally, the second pic is the ONLY one that won't show me a big version of itself when i click on it :(

John Dantzer said...

Thanks! I don't know why the second one won't allow blow up, maybe it is too sensitive. I can't see how the second last one looks like a robot. I thought it was very organic. Maybe you are a robot.

My word verification is tangst. That's like angst, but with some tang. Tangy angst.

Asylum Dolly said...

It must be a bit of a shy photo.
It is kinda organic, but also a bit robotic. Not like R2D2 robotic, but like a cute little cartoon robot. I guess i could've explained that better -I keep forgetting the general population don't actually live in my little imaginary coccoon where robots are round and cute and cartoon-like. now i can describe that angry feeling i get when i eat an orange that is not sweet enough.
My verification word is sounds italian.