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Clouds, Alley, Smoke Stack, Red River


sybil law said...

LOVE Smoke Stacks!
I saw Krishna or someone sitting in the clouds in the Fuzzy Thing Haunts My Dreams pic!

mikimbizii said...

There's an element of mystery in your shots. I'm glad I decided to visit your blog. :)

Asylum Dolly said...

The watery ones are really beautiful. It looks like a peaceful place wherever it is...who knows, it's probably right next to a highway or something, but it LOOKS nice and quiet and devoid of people.
Those clouds are strange looking. Are they snow clouds? I love clouds. They make the sky more interesting. I like to daydream that clouds are big pinjatas, and when you crack them open, sugary things fall out instead of rain. Alas, only in my so many other nice things.
I can't really see anything fuzzy in that "fuzzy thing" pic yet. maybe i need to look harder. Wait- maybe there is an eye in the sky there..?
Sorry for the rambly comment. I is tired. Cool photos!

John Dantzer said...

Sybil- Fuzzy Thing is what I call Krishna! You see him too!

Mikimbizi- Thanks.

Bon - I like your rambling comments. I wouldn't have thought to call the river pictures watery. I often also imagine the clouds to be receptacles of sugarly funliness. The imagination is such a great place. The fuzzy thing is actually that dome thing in the picture. You can't tell it's fuzzy there, but it is in real life.

John Dantzer said...

Bon - Sorry, I meant comment. No 's'. Your coments aren't usually rambly.